Unique Sports From Around the World

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Get the adrenaline going with these unconventional sports activities to try on your next vacation.

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Everyone has their own idea of what a perfect holiday is to them. For some, it is relaxing on a white sandy beach and reading a good book or exploring a new city and new culture. But for others, it is seeking new adventures, getting out of their comfort zone and testing their limits by engaging in activities which provide them with an adrenaline rush. We’ve found the most fun and unconventional sports from around the world for all the thrill seekers to try!

Fireball soccer

Fireball soccer is one of the most extreme and courageous sports played today. Played with a flaming ball made of coconut fiber, this gripping sport is a part of a ceremony to welcome the spiritual season of Ramadan in Indonesia. Traditional rules such as playing barefoot and fasting without sleep still exist for some variations to test the players’ endurance. Playing this unusual sport requires a lot more than physical training; players need to also prepare themselves mentally and spiritually to participate in this art of playing with fire.

Volcano Boarding

A dangerous sport played by adventure lovers, volcano boarding fun-filled and enjoyable. Riders slide on the volcanic mountains using metal or wood-based boards, with protective gear of course. In this sport, sliding down the mountain is made more difficult with the risk of traps, gases and molten lava to avoid.  Nicaragua and Vanuatu are the paradise locations of volcano surfers.


A team sport based out of Spain, Bossaball is for those who like to play more than one game at a time. Derived from volleyball, football and gymnastics, this sport is an unusual outdoor activity to experience with your friends and family. A unique sport inspired from and associated with music is played on a fun and inflatable court. Thanks to gravity and the trampoline area, all types of techniques can be explored with Bossaball!

Cave Diving

A fusion of caving and scuba diving, this sport is truly gripping as it lets divers experience the beauty of million-year-old caves hidden in the oceans. Apart from great diving skills, the real adventure lies in witnessing the unexplored and isolated ecosystem in the seabed. As exciting as it sounds, it is highly risky and requires specially configured scuba equipment and it still remains a challenge even for highly-skilled divers.


Often mentioned as a ‘high energy sport’, Coasteering combines many adventure sports such as adventure swimming, rock-climbing, scrambling, canyoning, diving, sea-level traversing, and a lot more. Most suited for the rocky coasts, it is a popular summer adventure in England, Wales and isles and highlands of Scotland. More than courage, it requires a clear understanding of geology and tidal movement to excel in this sport.

So these are some of the most exciting unconventional sports from around the world. These sports can definitely pump up the adrenaline of anyone. However, consider your own safety while engaging in any of these activities. Also, make sure you have a travel insurance to safeguard you from any unforeseen incidents. Remember that not all extreme sports are covered within your insurance plan. 

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