How to make a claim

Motor Claims Hotline: 800 774

Saturday to Thursday

Home & Travel Claims Hotline: 43029835 / 43029903

Sunday to Thursday

Quick & simple - Car insurance claim

We don’t like to keep you waiting. That’s why we’ve made claiming incredibly easy and remarkably simple. You can register your claim online in just a few easy steps.

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Step 1: Register Your Claim

Email the copy of the police report along with your driving license and vehicle registration card (both sides) to Or visit our branch office to drop off these documents or call our call centre 800 774 to speak with one of our team members.


Step 2: Receive Your Claim No.

Once we have received all related documents, we will provide you with a claim number via an email. If you don’t receive this notification, please contact our Home Claims Hotline at 04 302 9835 / 04 302 9903 from Saturday to Thursday.


Step 3: Next Steps

Our team will reach out to you and explain the next steps and processes such as submission of police report wherever applicable, repair estimates and other related steps.

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