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Car Insurance

Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Summer

Prepping up for the summer holidays? Prep up your car too. Beyond everything else, you wouldn’t want to travel on a steamer with blasting tyres.

Summer holidays are the perfect time for vacations. The thrill of packing and driving to the vacation spot is as enticing as the destination itself. You can easily book a flight to reach your spot in a swish, but that’s like watching only the final episode of Friends, while missing out all the euphoric emotions of the whole episode. Only a tad bit needs your undivided attention to make your road trip safe and exciting this summer.

1. Check your vehicle for repairs and maintenance:

Beat the heat by taking your car for a downright service, one or two weeks prior to your journey. That will leave ample time to thoroughly examine the following:  

Air-conditioning – Driving without air conditioner in this plaguing summer is like plunging headlong into a ring of fire. So this should be first serviced and well maintained on your summer check list. Practice simple steps of switching off the AC before starting the car ensures fewer problems.

Car’s fluid and coolant – Water and coolants provide proper lubrication to the car’s engine and hinders overheating.  Depletion in their levels can cause serious damage to the engine. So, before embarking your summer trip, ensure that your car’s water and coolant levels are adequate. It’s also important to inspect for leaks before journeying.

Tyre health – The worst thing that can happen is a tyre burst, not to mention it could happen in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately the summer sun surging to 50o C and above can be hard on tyres and if not inflated properly, tyres may give in to the hot roads. Confirm the required inflation pressure of your car tyre and fill it to its suitable limit.

Oils, breaks and the batteries – Make sure to run with the service schedules regularly for oil changes and to confirm the proper working order of your car’s breaks. Batteries’ self-life can worn out on high temperatures, so don’t miss out on minor signs like startup struggles and such. It is best to check the batteries, even if it contradicts with your belief that it’s working fine.

Wipers and rubber seals are little things that are mostly ignored to be checked. The excruciating heat can be heartless to melt the rubber seals on your wipers and doors, leaving streaks on the window shields while wiping out and mess your hands while opening doors.

If you feel you are someone who constantly overlooks the health of your car, better not waste time and sign up for an official service contract. Also going by the name extended warranty, the service contract is a little pricy, but they are sure to remind you to service your car every six months.

2. Escape the scorching heat of the UAE:

Not only you but your car needs to rest in shade too. You will otherwise have to experience the furnace! Especially in the day, ensure your car is parked in a well-shaded area. . Make sure in such events your car is dressed with a car cover, it also saves the trouble of faded paints and cracks within the interiors. RSA Insurance gives away car shades for new customers, so if you’re looking for insurance now is the time. Enjoy discounts and great deals along good insurance.

3. Prepare for the trip with an insurance:

Holidays are to enjoy. Better not take chances with anything that could hinder the joy of your summer drive. Tick peace of Mind on your travel list, with a comprehensive car insurance tucked safely inside your travel bag and you buckled safely to the comfort of your well-groomed car.

In case you are wondering where to start looking for a comprehensive car insurance, you are welcome to have a peek at RSA insurance, because, you know what, you may be lucky enough to enjoy a Luxury Desert Safari for free! Don’t worry the safari will be scheduled for October, during the cooler days. Happy Journey!


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