Medical Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

For a question on any of our products you can search our FAQ section below. If you’re unable to find an answer to your question here, speak to one of our dedicated insurance advisors on 800 RSA (772) or email us directly on

1.Why do I need international health insurance?

International health insurance is designed for people who want to access healthcare both in their local country and overseas.Our plan, WorldCare is perfect for people who travel extensively, want to seek treatment in worldwide centres of medical excellence or who are expats.

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2.Can my family members also be covered?

Yes, direct family members like your spouse and children, who live permanently with you, can be included as dependants on your plan. However, only unmarried children under the age of 18 and children under the age of 28 in full time education are eligible for cover.

3.Will I need to have a medical examination to join WorldCare?

No but we will ask for each applicant to complete a detailed set of questions about their medical history so that we can be clear about what is and isn’t covered.

4.What kind of cover does WorldCare offer?

WorldCare is a comprehensive international health insurance plan offering high levels of cover worldwide with even the most basic plan.

For residents of Dubai, there are three options available – Advance, Excel and Apex – all including full cover for out-patient and in-patient treatment. Click here to compare plans.

Please note that we do not cover residents of Abu Dhabi at this time.

For residents of the other Emirates, there are four options available – Essential, Advance, Excel and Apex, offering a range of cover from hospitalisation only to comprehensive including dental and maternity. Click here to compare plans.

5.Will I be covered for any illnesses or injuries I have had before joining WorldCare?

For people holding a valid visa for the Emirate of Dubai, pre-existing medical conditions are covered up to an aggregate limit of USD 41,000 per insured person, per period of cover. Click here for more information.

For other residents, depending on the outcome of the medical declaration process, we may exclude some medical conditions in addition to the standard exclusions of the plan. Click here for a list of standard exclusions. Thereafter you can access all of the benefits on the plan up to the benefit limit stated.

6.Am I covered if I travel away from my area of residence?

Yes. All WorldCare plans offer access to medical treatment worldwide excluding the USA as standard.

7.How quickly can I be covered?

You can apply online and get cover in the same working day providing we do not need to underwrite your application. If we do need to underwrite your application, we will provide a decision within two working days.
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8.What happens if I change my mind and wish to cancel the plan?

You can cancel your plan within a 14-day cooling off period. Provided no claims have been made, we will arrange a full refund of your premium.

9.What is a plan excess and how is it applied?

An excess is an amount of money that you pay towards the cost of any medical treatment.  We applies excesses per medical condition in most cases but there is an option to pay a USD25 excess per visit to a medical practitioner.

10.Can I change the level of cover during the plan?

No, the level of cover can only be changed at the time of renewal.

11.Am I able to obtain forms and information online?

Yes.  If you have a WorldCare plan, you will be sent your own username and password to access the secure online portfolio area.  You can log in and access all the forms you need to use the plan as well as view and edit personal information, view plan information and view all claim information.  If you have a login already, click here to access it.

12.How quickly do you process claims?

We have a set of service promises which set out how quickly we do important things like processing claims and setting up pre-authorised treatment.  We process claims in five working days or less. Click here for more details.

13.What’s the easiest way to make a claim?

You can use our mobile app to submit a claim. Just tell us details about your plan and payment details (which will be saved for next time) as well as basic information about your claim. You take a photo of your receipt any additional reports and sumit your claim – easy. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Click here for more details.
Alternatively, you can email it to us. Click here for more information.