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International medical insurance

  • Access to top quality healthcare in the UAE and worldwide
  • Fast, accurate service from an award-winning provider
  • Up to US$4.5m worth of cover

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Comprehensive Cover

RSA partners with Now Health International to provide international health insurance for you and your family.You can access the top doctors in the UAE and worldwide, and get up to US$4.5m worth of cover every year including full coverage for hospital costs, surgery, cancer, evacuation and repatriation.

Access to Experts on a Global Scale

If you choose a Nil Excess you can access our comprehensive network of out-patient medical providers without having to pay a cent! There are over 800 medical providers to choose from in the UAE as well as access to the worldwide network of over 800,000 medical experts.

Great Service – Every Time

We know that no one wants to spend a minute longer than they have to when it comes to their insurance.That’s why we’ve made our plans simple to access with quick turnaround times, so you always know what’s happening with your treatment or claims.We have a unique set of service promises that guarantee how fast we will do important things like process your claims or answer your queries.Click here to find out more.

Our in-house 24/7 customer service team are available to answer any question – big or small – no matter what time of day or night it is.  

Simple Online Tools

To make it easy to access your plan and claims, our secure online portfolio provides instant access to everything you need to manage your plan with the minimum of fuss.

You can also use our mobile app to find a medical provider in our network anywhere in the world or submit a claim.Click here to watch our explainer video.

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To talk to one of the service team about an existing plan, a claim or anything else, contact or call +971 4450 1456.

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