How To Sell A Car

The first and foremost thing to remember when selling your car in the UAE is not to accept a personal cheque as payment for your car. Instances of fraud have been reported in the past where cheques have bounced and the writer could not be traced. 

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What you cannot do

Avoid putting a notice on the window of your car advertising its sale. This is illegal and you run the risk of impounding your vehicle. Also, please remember that your car cannot be sold if you have a car loan that has not been paid in full. If you still owe money to the bank, then technically the car still belongs to the bank.

Where can you advertise

You can advertise on supermarket notice boards. You will require prior permission before putting up your ad. You can also advertise on various online sites, newspapers and magazines that help individuals sell their used cars by listing your ad for free or at a minimal cost. You can only walk into pre-owned car dealers in the UAE to sell your car directly.

Transferring registration to new owner

Once sold, you car registration needs to be transferred to the new owner. You will firstly be required to terminate your current insurance policy. Once this is done, the buyer will have to get the car tested at the Eppco Tasjeel Centre and then get new insurance cover. Finally, submit a transfer form along with your registration card and a copy of the drivers’ license, passport and new insurance certificate at the Tasjeel to complete the transfer process. You will be required to clear any traffic fines at this point before the car can be successfully transferred to the buyer.

Do not forget!

Now that you have sold your car, do not forget to change the new registration card in the name of the new buyer and keep a copy of the same with you as proof that you have transferred the car to another individual. Remember, to cancel your insurance policy!

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