How To Obtain A Driving License

Getting a driving license is subject to certain rules and conditions which are applicable to foreign citizens. Read on for more.

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Eligibility for a driving license

While Dubai residents of certain nationalities are eligible to transfer their previous driving licenses subject to an eye-test and a 'no objection' certificate from their UAE employer, all other nationalities are additionally required to take a driving course with an authorised driving school in Dubai. Once enrolled, you need to pass a theory test, followed by parking, garage and road tests in order to obtain a drivers’ license.

Renewing a driving license

Renewing a drivers’ license is simple and can be done at any RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) branch in less than 30 minutes. Since October 2010, the RTA, in association with the Federal Traffic and Licensing System, Dubai Police and the Ministry of Interiors has also permitted the renewal of car registration of vehicles issued from other Emirates as well as non-Dubai driving licenses. The eye test is repeated at the time of renewal.

Obtaining an international driving permit

An international driving permit can be acquired through the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE. You will need to be 18 years or older and hold a valid driving license. As long as your license has been issued within the GCC, you will not be required to take a driving course. If however, your license has been issued in a non-GCC country, you will have to submit a letter from your embassy verifying the validity of your license along with an Arabic translation.

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