How To Buy A Car

Buying a car is fun, more so in the UAE. With an economy that boasts a strong spending power, car dealers are always willing to let you take the car of your dreams for a test drive.

With Dubai recording a million registered cars and Abu Dhabi coming in at a close second with 775,000 registered vehicles in 2011, it is quite apparent that cars are the preferred mode of transport here in the UAE. 

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Residency Visa

In order to buy a car, you must firstly have a valid residence visa which makes you eligible to apply for a UAE driving license. 

Valid UAE driving license

It is important to note that it is illegal for you to drive in the UAE on anything other than a valid UAE license once you are on a residency visa. Holders of licenses from some countries are eligible to obtain a UAE license without an additional test. If you do not hold a relevant international license you will be required to take a series of lessons with a recognised driving institute and then take a driving test.

Car Finance

Most banks usually provide finance between 1 and 5 years. Interest is worked out yearly and offered as a flat rate over the finance period. Payment to the lender can either be done by direct debit or providing post-dated cheques covering the loan period. Documents required when applying for finance include your original UAE driving license, as well as a copy, a copy of your passport, including the residence visa page, a salary certificate from your employer and three months of bank statements.

Car Insurance

When buying car insurance, ensure your policy covers your basic needs with an option to select additional covers. Most insurance companies in the UAE provide comprehensive insurance as well as third-party liability. 

Car Registration

Car registration is usually taken care of by the dealer when purchasing a new car but it must be renewed every year by the car owner. All traffic fines and violations need to be paid in full before renewing the registration.

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