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Protection for your home, your contents and personal possessions

  • Protection for your home, your contents and personal possessions
  • Emergency accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable
  • Replacement locks and keys if you’re locked out
  • AED 250,000 legal liability cover for your domestic help

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Emergency Accommodation

Have you ever thought how you’d cope if your home was damaged and you had nowhere else to live? RSA Buildings Insurance can provide you with emergency accommodation until your home is fit to live in again and can also compensate you for any lost rental income on your home as well. 

Replacement Locks and Keys

We’ve all been locked out before and it can be a frustrating experience. If your keys are lost or stolen we could pay up to AED 2000 towards paying for replacement locks and keys, so you could be back at home before you know it.

Domestic Staff Cover

Do you have domestic staff working in your home? RSA Home Contents Cover can pay up AED 250,000 if you become liable for any costs associated with their illness or injury resulting from the work they do in your home. 

Cover When Moving Home

Not all home insurance policies will cover your furniture when you move home. RSA Home Contents Cover however will protect against any damage to your contents and furniture whilst it is in transit with a professional removal company anywhere in the UAE.

Freezer Food Cover

Ever thought about how much you’ve spent on the food in your freezer and how much it would cost to replace it? If your freezer breaks and the food in it is spoiled, our Home Contents Cover will pay for the cost of the food you’ve lost. 

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