Golf Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

For a question on any of our products you can search our FAQ section below. If you’re unable to find an answer to your question here, speak to one of our dedicated insurance advisors on 800 RSA (772) or email us directly on

1.Does my golfer's policy cover me worldwide?

Your golf policy covers you worldwide but the third-party liability excludes any claims made against you in the USA and Canada.

2.I have equipment worth more than AED 25,000. Can I increase this standard limit?

The standard limit may be increased subject to the limit that is being requested. Call us directly on 800 RSA (772) and speak to one of our insurance advisors and they will be happy to take you through your requirements.

3.How does my golf insurance protect me if I lose or damage my equipment?

RSA offers all golfers the option to choose a “new for old cover”, which ensures that any golf equipment (excluding clothing) less than three years old will not be subject to a deduction for wear and tear. 

This option can be selected at the time of purchase, subject to a 10% increase in the premium. Buy your Golf insurance online today.

4.If I get a hole-in-one, is my bar bill covered?

In the happy event that you get a hole-in-one, RSA will pick up your bar tab for up to AED 2,500. Get you golf insurance policy online today and get on the greens for the elusive hole-in-one shot.

5.I notice that club membership fees are covered. What does this mean?

In the unfortunate event that you become accidentally injured or suffer illness and are unable to play golf for an extended period, your Golfer's policy will reimburse you for any unused fees of up to AED 5,000.