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Group Personal Accident

Imagine if one of your employees become injured and is unable to work for months - if ever again. Such a situation could result in expensive compensation payments. This insurance is taken to cover accidental death, temporary total disablement or permanent and partial disability of your employees. Cover is available 24 hours worldwide.

Money Insurance

This is also known as "Cash in Transit" Insurance and covers you against direct loss of money plus any damage to your safe, strong room or container during a theft. This can include any loss from your premises; whilst in transit; at contract sites (during business hours) or from the home of your business partner, director or employee.

Fidelity Guarantee

This insurance is alternatively known as 'employee theft' or 'employee dishonesty' insurance. As a business owner you are covered for any loss resulting due to this act of fraud or dishonesty of your employee.

Business Travel Insurance

With our specialist annual business travel insurance, you can pick up cheap but comprehensive cover for all your employees who travel. Our annual business travel insurance provides cover for your medical expenses, trip cancellation, personal belongings, baggage and more. We also provide extra cover for your business equipment, like mobiles phones and laptops, too.