Why Only Your Credit Cards Travel Insurance May Not Be Enough

7 November 2017 0 Comments


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It’s always best to purchase your own coverage aside from a cover provided through your credit card or for a business trip or. Your trips need to be carefully planned and the travel medical insurance aspect must be addressed appropriately.

Credit card travel insurance plans usually limit coverage for the value of the trip and the coverage may be limited to the cardholder only. These plans often stipulate that flights must have been charged to that specific credit card.

RSA provides extensive travel insurance with a cover available for the whole family, even offering 50% discount for children. Combined with a 24-hour emergency medical treatment. This coverage is more than handy when you miss your connection or you find yourself delayed.

Don’t be left with an unexpected medical bill from a vacation. Protect yourself financially by understanding your travel insurance coverage before you purchase it!

A few Examples on where Emergency Travel Insurance would be worth it:

  • You break a tooth. The air pressure would be uncomfrotable without medication.
  • You are on a ski trip with your children and take a fall. Add ons like winter sports are essential. 
  • You want the assurance of having travel medical assistance services to help you in an emergency.

While extending business travel to include some pleasure travel is an ideal way for busy workers to maximize the benefits of their business travel, it also enters into a grey area when something happens on your trip and you need help.



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