Which Of These 7 Kinds Of Travelers Are You?

14 January 2018 0 Comments

 One of life’s greatest privileges is traveling and exploring new places, and for avid travelers the list of dream destinations is endless.

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For some, a quiet rental property in a Cypriot village is the perfect getaway, for others it’s skiing down a mountain in the Alps. Whatever your scene, let’s take a look at which type of traveler you think you are!

The Beach Bunny

You’ve got to be by the coast, you need sun, sea, sand and relaxation. There’s nothing wrong with spending entire days simply enjoying the waves. You know well enough that once you arrive at your destination you’ll recline yourself on the beach eating, drinking, reading and sleeping in your favourite spot!

The Cultural Explorer

You want an authentic travel experience, chatting to the locals and trying the local cuisine is what travelling is all about! You’ll keep souvenirs and always seek the path less travelled. You’ll go where the mountains, architecture, monuments and history takes you on your journey.

The Education Seeker  

When you travel, you urge to seek new information. These experiences introduce something new to your life. The best gift is the gift of knowledge, you’ll find these in museums, courses, workshops and most importantly the tales from the people you meet.

The Backpacker

You need a bit of spontaneity. Being a nomad opens you up to some incredible opportunities, giving you the freedom to take on whatever adventure comes your way without the restrictions of pre-paid tours or non-refundable commutes. And a great advantage is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you’ll always see a lot of places.

The Indulgent Traveller

You deserve to treat yourself, you’re on holiday and you don’t do this as often as you should. So why not pay a little more for that beautiful hotel, and go to that fancy restaurant. There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of luxury in your life once in a while.

The Thrill Seeker

The adrenalin rush is what you look for in all your trips around. You’ll dive to explore the oceans, ride to enjoy the longest roller coasters, or climb to the tallest mountaintop. Even if it’s simply exploring the streets of a city – adventure is the only way.

The Occasional

You plan your trip well in advance, you’ve had this planned for months. You spend what you have saved up for this trip and keep in the budget boundary. You mark your spots and perhaps you’ll visit the same ones twice, you’re a creature of comfort.

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