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What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident In The UAE

AuthorCormac Moylan

 At some point in our lives we may find ourselves in an accident situation.

It may be due to our fault or it may be caused by the mistake of other drivers. But whatever the reason is, the situation can be extremely stressful. And in the panic, we may not do the things that will protect our interests. So, here are the measures that you should take if you encounter a road accident in Dubai:

Stay at the scene

Never leave an accident scene unless it is appropriate to do so. This is especially crucial if someone has sustained injuries.  

Safety warning

It is imperative that you warn other drivers. You can prevent further accidents by setting-up the hazard triangle and/or keeping your hazards lights on. You must move safely away from hard shoulders and fast lanes wherever possible.

Contact the police

You should contact the police even if there are no serious injuries involved. You need a police report to file a claim with your car insurance company, even just to make the claim for the damage of your own vehicle. For minor vehicle bumps and scratches consider using the Dubai Police app, and take images of the damage of the vehicles. For emergencies, remember to dial 999.

Make an accurate record

When the police arrive, provide all the details of what happened, to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about any details, explain that you are unsure.

Report the accident

You should notify your car insurance company as soon as possible. With RSA Insurance you can make a claim online, register your claim in just 3 mins!

These are some of the measures that you should follow in the event of a road accident. Just try to remain calm and ensure all these steps are observed. Also, purchase car insurance cover for your vehicle, as it can be your safety net during such situations.

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