What is Car Insurance Excess?

21 June 2018 0 Comments

  Most of us have a good idea about the type of car we want.

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But it’s not the same case when it comes to car insurance. Even the most expert car owners can be slightly confused about the finer details of their insurance policy. The key detail that most car owners struggle to understand is car insurance excess. In this article, we try to clear the fog around car insurance excess.

What is car insurance excess?

Car insurance excess is the amount that you need to pay to your insurance company towards a claim that you make on your policy, particularly when you are at fault. Excess is applicable for these types of claims, as the repair cost is non-recoverable from the third-party insurer. RSA's standard excess is as per the UAE law. 

Let’s assume the excess outlined on your policy schedule is 500 AED, you make a claim that is valued at 2000 AED in damage. You will pay 500 AED and 1500 AED will be paid by your insurer towards the claim.

Do you always have to pay the excess?

You won’t have to pay excess for very minor claims if you’re insured by RSA, for example, we waive the excess when you claim for repairs for windscreens and this also will not affect your no claims discount. 

Sometimes, you may be able to waive your excess. For example, when carrying out repairs in RSA’s Approved Garages in the first 2 years of owning your vehicle and being insured with RSA.

It is imperative that you have adequate car insurance cover for your vehicle. If you buy RSA Car Insurance during Ramadan, you can get discounts up to 45% and also a guaranteed AED 50 Salik card.



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