Understanding The Salik System In Dubai

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Make yourself more aware of the Salik system with this handy guide.

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Whether you take a taxi, a bus, a hire car or your own vehicle, it’s helpful to understand Salik system. We’re here to clear all your doubts with everything you need to know about the Salik system in Dubai.

What is Salik system?
Salik is the name given to the electronic toll system of road user fees in Dubai. The Salik toll was launched by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in 2007.

How does Salik work?
Salik system is based on Radio Frequency Identification technology, automatically deducting a fee when a toll gate is passed using the machine readable sticker fixed to a vehicle’s front windshield. This means motorists in Dubai do not have to stop or even slow down when passing through a Salik toll gate. All drivers will have to purchase pre-paid cards to load their account and toll charges will be deducted from the cards every time the vehicle passes under the electronic gate scanner.

What is a Salik tag?
A Salik tag is the sticker holding an electronic chip which is readable by scanners installed at the toll gates. It works in all weather conditions and all speeds providing accurate and reliable identification of your vehicle.

Where can I buy a Salik tag?
You can purchase a Salik tag, open a Salik account, or top up at Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD, EPCO and ENOC petrol stations and additionally, there is an online purchasing system.

What is a Salik account?
Your Salik account is created when you buy your first Salik tag. The Salik tag helps the system to identify you by linking to your Salik account. You must provide information about yourself and your vehicle when opening your prepaid account and properly pay your tolls. Simply having a tag on your windshield is not enough and may result in a fine if your tag is not registered to your account or you have insufficient funds.

How do I open a Salik account?
To open a Salik account you should provide a completed application when you purchase your tag. These applications are available at retail outlets or can be downloaded online. When first opening your account you will be required to provide information including your personal details as well as a copy of your car registration. Your account number will be sent to you via SMS when your application is processed.

Where are the Salik toll gates located and how much is the toll fee?

  • Airport Tunnel toll gate
  • Al Barsha toll gate
  • Al Garhoud Bridge toll gate
  • Al Maktoum Bridge toll gate
  • Al Mamzar toll gate
  • Al Safa toll gate

The toll fees at the Salik toll gates are 4 AED per entry.

Salik is a cleverly designed, free flow tolling system that works automatically – so you never get stuck at a toll booth, barrier or gate on a Dubai highway. So it is very essential that you have a Salik tag purchased for your vehicle. Similarly it is equally important to purchase an auto insurance for your car, as it will act as a safety net during any unforeseen incidents.

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