The Travel Insurance Covers You Probably Didn’t Know About

13 August 2017 0 Comments

Most people take a trip more than once a year, whether it’s a long trip back home or short vacation within the Middle East, each individual experience is unpredictable. And that’s what makes travel so thrilling!

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But with the uncertainty of each destination you explore, there comes a risk of it not going as you’d hoped. The best way to protect yourself against unforeseen incidents is to purchase adequate travel insurance cover.

Confused about the different types of travel insurance covers? Selecting the cheapest coverage isn’t always the wisest – so let’s take a look at the unique covers to look out for.

Trip cancellation and curtailment

The need to cancel or cut your trip short occurs due to reasons out of your control. Perhaps some illness or the death of a family member. Trip cancellation insurance allows you to claim back financial loss incurred due to your individual circumstances. Most flight tickets are non-refundable and many people aren’t aware that travel insurance can support your airline fee loss and with an executive travel insurance policy the limit for cancellations can be up to $5000.

Travel medical insurance

Most domestic medical insurance will not cover international medical expenses. Check your travel policy has extensive medical cover as we all know hospital fees can be extortionate abroad. With RSA’s 24 hour worldwide emergency medical hotline, we’re here to help wherever you are, whenever you need.

Passport and money

Probably the most likely unfortunate circumstance on holiday is losing cash. When we travel with other currencies we tend to have a lot more cash than usual to avoid multiple credit card charges and exchange rates. With this extra cash and new areas comes the risk of losing cash, along with passport and travel documents. Travel insurance policy can cover your risk and you can claim back personal money that is lost or stolen whilst abroad.

Annual and optional extras

Annual Travel Insurance is a multiple trip, year round policy that covers all your trips for the year. This is the ideal travel insurance policy for those who travel more than once a year. Optional covers extend your coverage to cruises, golf or winter sports such as skiing. 

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