Top 5 Movies For Car Lovers

Top 5 Movies For Car Lovers

There are some amazing Hollywood movies featuring some extremely desirable cars, here are our top 5 must-see movies for car fanatics.

Film is quite often the inspiration behind our desire for luxury cars. Modern movies tend to glamorise expensive cars, so when a car is one of the focal points of a movie, it is rather enviable. Whether it is an action movie with a perfectly directed car-chase scene or just a cool character that had a fast car, movies can so often inspire viewers to find a love for a particular car. See the top picks here.


This movie tells the story of a driver who freelances as a stuntman for movies and as a getaway driver for crimes, with a unique twist in the plot this movie is a must see for car enthusiasts. The car scenes in the film are well directed, our favourite scene introduces a Chrysler 300 and a five litre Mustang.


Rush is based on actual events, the plot focuses on the rivalry between two Formula 1 racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the year 1976. The movie perfectly portrays the risks that earlier Formula 1 racers would have faced, allowing viewers to reflect on how much safety and cars have developed and improved since. The thrilling track race scenes with expert driving skills make the movie an absolute must watch.  


This classic film was a huge box-office success and has developed a wide fan following since. Shot in the streets of San Francisco, the car chase sequence is arguably one of the best car scenes yet. The Dodge Charger 440 Magnum and the 1969 Ford Mustang 390 Fastback used in the movie generated a lot of interest in the follow up to the release.

Furious 7

Furious 7 is the latest in the line of the famous Fast & Furious series. All the movies in the series are thrilling and a must watch for not just car lovers but film fanatics too. Furious 7, the seventh installment, took the series to a whole new level as many of the sequences were originally shot without computer graphics. Some of the highly expensive cars like the Lykan Hypersport, Bugatti Veyron and Maserati Ghibli are used in the movie along with other ultra-stylish modern cars. What’s best is that some of film was shot in the UAE’s very own capital city, Abu Dhabi.


Ronin focuses on a team of ex-special operatives and their mission to steal a mysterious briefcase. The thrilling car chase sequences through Paris and Nice are shot realistically and are fascinating to watch. Cars such as the Mercedes-Benz W116, Audi S8 and BMW 535i were used in the movie.

These are some of the movies which can surely capture the minds of car lovers. Car fanatics should keep in mind that the stunts carried out in this movie are fictional and should not be recreated. Always drive safely and make sure to purchase car insurance to safeguard your vehicle against any unforeseen incidents.

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