Tips to Improve a Small Living Room

13 March 2017 0 Comments

For a living room that is slightly on the smaller side, these really simple tips will help you get the most out of your space.

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At times, we underestimate the aptitude of the space we have in our homes. This can affect our enthusiasm and we begin to assume that most furnishings will overcrowd the area. But decorating a small living room is just the same as decorating a medium or large living room. The tricky and challenging part is how to maintain the availability of the space despite the numerous decorative things it has. Browse through these helpful tips and tricks for smaller spaces. 


Given a small space or an abnormally shaped room, developing the living room can be tricky. As long as you follow these two important layout rules:
1) Try not to block any open space that will serve as an entryway to your living room
2) Keep large furniture such as a sofa consistent and not isolated, and you can create a flawless relationship with your other rooms.
Layout contributes to the overall feel of your home and will help your rooms connect with each other stylishly. 


High ceilings allow more natural light to be inside your room, which will open up your space. It is a bold decision, but painting your ceiling with a bright colour will draw eyes upward and create an illusion of the room being larger. If you’re not feeling brave enough to paint your ceiling, placing striking art or wallpaper in your room is another effective way of pulling attention away from the corners of the room.

Colour scheme

Colour has a great deal of impact on your interior and when used correctly, it can really open up a small room. Bright and warm colours are the most effective, such as white, cream, or beige. Use a monochromatic colour scheme by selecting one colour for the wall, furniture and other accessories and avoid bold and dark colours - different shades of the same colour will really complement each other.


Small rooms have a tendency to be congested, especially in dim lighting. Installing adequate lighting can make your space appear bigger and brighter. Using table lamps can add layers of lighting, floor lights are a great tip for smaller spaces, tall standing floor lamps are also just as effective.  

Furniture arrangement

Arranging your furniture in an appropriate way can improve the flow of connections between your home. When arranging your furniture, take note of the ‘3 foot rule’ -  in order to have a comfortable walking space you must set a 3 foot distance between furniture. Keeping a 3 foot distance is not always possible with smaller spaces, so just keep it in mind especially with any furniture with drawers and doors.

Reflective materials

The oldest trick in the book to make a room feel twice as big is by introducing reflective materials such as mirrors or glass and metallics. Mirrors and glass can intensify light and create a brighter and larger feeling interior.

Having a small living room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the interior design style you truly desire. Just remember to keep a clutter free room after considering these tips to improve a small living room. Also, make sure that you have home insurance cover to safeguard your home and its belongings from any unforeseen incidents.

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