Things People Always Lose While Traveling

18 February 2018 0 Comments

You’re all packed and ready to go on a city break. Keeping in mind the destination forecast, you carry your necessities including your travel insurance! 

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Have you ever returned home from a relaxed vacation only to realise that you have no idea where some of your personal possessions are? Mid-vacation, you suddenly you realise that you have lost your handbag, which has your camera, wallet and cards. 

Here are few of the most common items which get lost:

  • I think I left my camera in the hotel room!

You are getting late for your flight, you leave your camera in one of the corners of the room and doesn’t come to your eye while packing.

  • Have you seen my tablet?

Tablets like iPads and Kindles are also commonly lost on vacation. Many leave them in the seats after a flight.

  • I can’t find my phone! 

Cell phones fall under the category of items that can be easily misplaced, not only while traveling but also in restaurants, pubs, bars, offices and hotels. In case, you lose your cell phone abroad, it can be much more difficult to retrieve.

  • Keys

It could be a bundle or a single key. You know you will not be using it at your trip. So, there are high chances of placing it in your in a safe pocket in your luggage.

  • Passports

Very common, the biggest threat of losing a passport is loss of identity. So, it is high risk if you lose while travelling. Further, replacing a lost passport is always been a lengthy legal procedure in any country.

Tips To Keep Your Valuables Safe Whilst Travelling

Travelling is fun when all the valuables are in place. A lost piece of luggage can easily ruin your vacation. To keep your luggage safe while travelling:

Keep your Valuables On Your Person or Hidden

Important documents, valuables, wallets, passports should be safely stored. If you are carrying too many things during your travel, pack it in such a way that only most valuable items stay with you. 

The Right Travel Insurance

Select the right travel insurance for your trip. Your travel insurance is the best thing to equip and assist you in recovering the financial loss of your lost item.

RSA Travel Insurance provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption. It will also cover your travel documents such as passport and credit card fraud. With RSA Travel Insurance you have the best opportunity to get your valuables insured in case of any loss or damage. 

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