Sleep Tight With These Bedroom Design Tips

9 July 2017 0 Comments

Sleep is not only necessary, but often enjoyable! A good night sleep can make the next day particularly refreshing and lively.

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Lack of sleep can be an issue, and many circumstances disturb or decrease our sleep. Take a look at our home decor tips to aid your much deserved, peaceful sleep.

Use blackout curtains

Even though the lights are off inside your bedroom, light from outside can disturb your sleep. So, the best way to avoid this issue is by replacing the flimsy window curtains in your bedroom with elegant heavy drapes and black out blinds.

Say no to electronics

Using electronics before bed, can affect your sleep, give your brain a rest from the screen before settling down. Coloured standby lights from TVs and chargers can also be distracting. Keeping your mobile away from your bed can not only help you sleep, but it can help you wake up better in the morning by resisting that urge to hit snooze.

Invest in a comfortable bed

This is the most important thing for a good sleep. A comfortable bed can do wonders to your sleep. Also, you will feel less fatigued during daytime if you have a cozy and comfy bed. It is recommended to change your mattresses every eight years and your pillows every 18 to 24 months.

Add some fragrance

The aromas in spas help us relax and rest, so why not achieve a fresh scent in your bedroom also. Adding some soothing fragrance can help you achieve your sleep better. Try candles, pillow sprays, reed diffusers and essential oils surrounding your bed.

Sleep is relaxation, when we’re free of worries we’re much more relaxed. For peace of mind for you and your family, purchase home insurance to safeguard your home against any unforeseen incidents.      

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