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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

The Pitfalls of Buying the Cheapest Car Insurance

AuthorCormac Moylan

Once you own a car in Dubai, auto insurance is the next mandatory step to make, not to mention it’s crucial during an unforeseen incident.

However, most people don’t have sound knowledge of the different insurance policies, which often leads to mistakes that prove to be costly later.The biggest among these is opting for the cheapest car insurance. Going for the cheapest policy on the market is a shortcut that all too many drivers make. And in an effort to save money, you could end up cutting corners in the areas that help protect you and your family.

Budget brands

Cheap insurance providers will offer the minimal coverage for car damage, personal injury and a few liability clauses such as other’s property damage and bodily injury coverage only. A lot of the time you’ll have to fork out even more than you imagined in repair costs, than if you had paid a few extra dirhams for your car insurance premium with a reputable insurer. Basic insurance doesn’t help you much in the regular risk you are exposed to on the roads in Dubai. In the event of an unfortunate accident through no fault of your own, some insurance packages will only pay damage costs plus bodily injury cost of the other party up to certain amount.

Reputable insurers

When purchasing car insurance, select a reputable brand that offers comprehensive coverage to assist you in all aspects of your vehicle’s needs such as theft and accidental damage. RSA will even offer you a free taxi to complete your journey when making a claim following an accident. With the increasing premiums of other insurers, you may find that RSA is more within reach than you had imagined. RSA not only offers you extensive coverage for your vehicle, you’ll also be automatically enrolled into RSA Royalty, our industry first loyalty programme with access to discounts and rewards from amazing partners from washing your car to booking your dream holiday.  

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