The Most Annoying Things Drivers Do In The UAE

18 March 2018 0 Comments

With the ever-increasing number of cars on the roads in the UAE - especially in populated cities like Dubai, there can be congested traffic and differing driving habits which can cause frustration amongst road users.

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We have all come across drivers who irritate us - so, let's take a look at some of them!

The cell phone user

Many awareness campaigns address the risk of using phones while driving. Yet drivers continue to text or make phone calls while driving, despite the fact it’s against the law. Drivers using their phone tend to swerve over lanes, causing confusion to road users. Try to place your phone in the glove compartment to avoid temptation yourself.

The speeder

Those that excessively speed can cause danger, everyone wants to reach their destination on time, which often causes excessive speeding amongst a few. Always be aware of the speed limit and try to keep maximum distance away from other speeding vehicles.

The un-indicator

Those that don’t use indicators make unpredictable moves on the roads. While driving, it is important to know where the other vehicles are going so you can adapt accordingly. Signalling your intention is the basic courtesy that is expected from drivers. It’s important to avoid chaos on roads and roundabouts.

The high beamer

Driving at night is far more difficult than during day as our vision becomes limited. So, when headlights are required – be considerate towards other vehicles and remember that high beams can impair the vision of oncoming drivers.

The double parker

It can be difficult finding a parking slot, especially when you’re looking for a space close to the entrance. It takes time to master the art of parking properly, but always check how you have parked to ensure you do not obstruct others.  

It can also be annoying if you don’t have adequate cover for your car. Other drivers are unpredictable so do protect your vehicle against potential accidents that could occur.



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