Making Travel an Adventure

21 December 2017 0 Comments

 When you travel for hobby and passion, you're taking an adventure. Adventure travel doesn’t need to be risky or dangerous, every experience counts, whether it's exploring a new city on foot to kayaking in South East Asia.  

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When it comes to travel insurance, with RSA, you're in luck. That’s because many of the activities on your adventure holiday are likely to be covered by RSA travel insurance. For example, boogie boarding, mountain biking, ice skating, SCUBA diving and snorkelling are all sports covered by RSA travel insurance. We also cover sports that are professionally organised and supervised such as jet skiing, waterskiing, kayaking and much more! 

Why Adventure Travel and Annual Travel Insurance Go Together?

If you plan to take more than one trip in the coming year, it's probably more cost effective to take an annual travel insurance plan. Adventure travel has an itinerary for everyone, whether you want to break a sweat or take a more laid-back approach by simply exploring a new city or country. With an annual travel insurance plan, the adventure never has to end.

With 60 years of experience in the UAE, RSA is a leading insurer in the region, our award winning travel product is one of the most comprehensive travel covers on the market. 

With RSA Holiday Travel Insurance, globetrotters can expect standard features as a part of travel insurance along with 24 hour emergency medical assistance. RSA also provides a wide range of optional extras such as winter sports, golf cover and cruise cover. Whether it is land, air, sea or snow - make sure you're covered by RSA whilst on holiday.

Why take an annual plan? 

  • You have your year trips in mind. So, why not be pro-active and assign yourself a comprehensive yearly travel insurance plan in case of medical emergencies or other unexpected events while you're travelling. If you're planning three or more separate trips in a year, you can cover them all for less with an annual travel insurance plan.
  • If you're a frequent traveller for business reasons, a multi-trip insurance plan is a must. You're familiar with all the things that can go wrong, such as flight delays and misplaced luggage. And you know that a sudden trip cancellation or trip interruption may mean you lose business and money.

For the curious travellers, adventure travel can turn into an addiction! If adventure travel is your idea of the perfect vacation, keep in mind that safety should always be the number one priority and purchasing travel insurance can take the weight off your shoulders. Get a quote here! 


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