The Insurance Brand You Can Trust

The Insurance Brand You Can Trust

What do you look for in insurance? Insurance is essentially a back-up plan. When something goes wrong, our insurance policy is that foothold we need in order to get our life back on track. 

In many ways, insurance stands beside us during our best and worst times so, choosing an insurance provider is important.  But how do we choose an insurance brand? And what should be our criteria?  


One of the most important parameters people tend to select insurance on, is brand reputation. What makes the best Insurance brand is the ability to deliver on the promises that were made and the extent of the insurance coverage offered for the right price. With a 300 year old heritage, RSA is one of the leading multinational insurance groups in the world. We stand out from the competition due to our personal history of delivering on our promises. We don’t just make tall claims, instead we stand tall beside you in your times of your need.

Customer Service

Every brand should treat their customers like 'Royalty'. RSA Royalty offers a market leading loyalty programme designed to reward direct customers with discounts and rewards from amazing partners. It really isn’t a surprise that we have over 9 million happy customers globally.

Product Strength

Each person is unique which means that their insurance claims are equally unique.No one understands insurance better than us. Hence, we constantly redesign our wide range of products which cater to the different needs of every individual, and keep up wih changing needs. These varied and flexible features make it incredibly easy for our customers to choose the one that perfectly addresses all their needs.

These are some of the basic yet crucial qualities to consider when choosing an insurance brand. At RSA we are proud to say that we rank very high in each of these categories, which is why we are and will remain one of the world’s leading Insurance brands. You can check out our products and features and easily find a plan which suits your own personal needs. 

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