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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Satisfied customers are the best endorsement


When insurance costs are relatively similar, why do so many people consistently choose RSA over other insurance companies? Here’s what one RSA customer has to say…

“Whenever anyone asks me which insurance company they should go with, I always say RSA,” says happy customer Mr. Hutt.

A lifelong RSA member, Mr. Hutt is exactly the kind of unofficial brand ambassador we are proud to call our customer. The car and motorbike enthusiast has bought and sold more than 20 vehicles since moving to the UAE over a decade ago, and, having bought a variety of car insurance, says RSA consistently comes out on top as the best insurance companies in the UAE.

“Recently, I had a slight accident in my Audi. I was staying at a hotel and I had parked the car in the evening, not noticing a water tank next to it. Unfortunately, when I drove out the next morning, I managed to hit the water tank and scrape the sides of my car and damage the car doors.”

Despite being an RSA customer for 15 years in Dubai and before that in the UK, this was the first time that Mr. Hutt had actually claimed on his insurance with RSA.

“I was expecting a total nightmare, to be honest. I have – in the past – used cheaper companies to insure my less valuable cars, and when I had to claim with them for whatever reason, it was a hassle, with having to hand-deliver documents to various locations, wait a long time for replies to emails or phone calls, and generally experience a painful, drawn-out customer experience.”

However Mr. Hutt was pleasantly surprised with his experience. Firstly, upon emailing RSA with the required documents (no need for hand delivery!) he discovered that his RSA insurance included the use of a hire car while his Audi was in the garage.

“I emailed Roshna at RSA, who replied within about 30 minutes and got the ball rolling. The whole process was swift, well communicated and easy. I submitted everything by email and I didn’t need to speak to anyone or follow up with phone calls. Everything was done by email. RSA sent the car to a really good garage, where the workmanship was phenomenal . Normally you can see where paintwork has been fixed, but they did an incredible job. They even finished the work a day early. In the mean time, I had full use of a hire car which was delivered promptly.”

Mr. Hutt continues to recommend RSA – and his new favourite customer service advisor Roshna – to anyone who asks.

“There are so many insurance companies in the UAE, and at the end of the day, while the price of insurance may be fairly similar, the customer service is what makes all the difference.”

If you’re interested in joining RSA, you can speak with a customer care agent on 800 772 or you can visit our car insurance page to get a quote online in less than 60 seconds.

If you are an existing customer and you would like to submit a claim, you can do so by visiting our claims page.

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