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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

At RSA, we’re determined to help our customers


Despite working remotely, RSA’s customer service team are proud to deliver an efficient, personable and helpful experience to our clients – and it’s reflected in our satisfied customers.

RSA customer Mr. Eqbal was involved in a major car accident just as the Covid-19 lockdown was coming into effect. “I was driving home one evening, and as I was waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road, a car drove into the back of mine and the motorist fled the scene of the accident,” he recalls. “Luckily, there were taxi drivers nearby who had dash-cams and were able to record the plate number of the other driver. The police arrived and took care of the formalities, while RSA were swift in arranging for the vehicle to be taken to a designated service centre.”

Luckily, Mr. Eqbal was not injured, but the Nissan Infiniti he was driving was so severely damaged that it was written off. Without a vehicle –essential for emergency grocery shopping during curfew– Mr. Eqbal was understandably keen to have the insurance matter resolved. With offices, banks and government entities such as the RTA closed, his ability to resolve the issue in the usual way wasn’t possible, but RSA were on hand to assist via email and phone.

“I dealt with Raghda from the customer service team and I have to say she is probably one of the most patient people I have ever dealt with in Dubai! I had so many questions about the process and her attitude was one of somebody who is truly passionate about their job.”

Mr. Eqbal highlighted that it was taking longer than anticipated to have the car assessed, and Raghda did her best to speed things along.

“It can take a while to finalize a car claim because there are two insurance companies working on it – one for each driver. I wanted to get the claim finalized as soon as possible for the customer, because Eid was coming up. I highlighted the urgency to our accounts department,” says motor claims handler Raghda Mohamed.

“The garage was experiencing delays because of the lockdown, but whenever I called RSA they were prompt in responding and helpful,” adds Mr. Eqbal. “Raghda guided me through the entire process and I never felt that I was in the dark about anything. I appreciated how she shared all available information with me at every step of the way; the people at RSA make all the difference. It’s good to be with an insurance company that cares, I’m glad I took the decision to be an RSA customer. Now, they’re the only insurance company I recommend.”

“We were able to assist Mr. Eqbal remotely; he had a lot of questions as it was his first time to make a claim,” recalls Raghda. “We are always sympathetic to those going through the tough experience of having their car damaged or written off, and we always want to get everything finalized for them as soon as possible,” adds Raghda. “As an insurer, it is important to us to support our customers during stressful times.”

That means ensuring claims are dealt with as swiftly as possible, whether there is a global lockdown or not.

If you’re interested in joining RSA, you can speak with a customer care agent on 800 772 or visit our car insurance page to get a quote online in less than 60 seconds.

If you are an existing customer and you would like to submit a claim, you can do so by visiting our claims page.

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