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How to Adjust to Driving a Car on the Right-hand Side of the Road

Did you learn to drive on the left or the right? Whichever the way, when you need to switch to the other side, it takes some getting used to.

It’s hard to shift the feeling that you’re driving on the wrong side of the road, or sat in the wrong side of the car. Many UAE expats learned to drive on the left, including the UK, India, Australia and South Africa. But the majority of countries drive on the right, like here in the UAE. Now, you’ve got passed the first step, you know what side of the road we drive on in the UAE! And you’re almost ready to get behind the wheel, but first; read these tips!

Road Research

Plan your first trip and be cautious, as most drivers in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been exposed to differing driving laws of different countries. It is crucial to understand the local driving laws for the safety of you and others around you. And with a firm grasp of what’s expected of you as a driver, you can focus on where give way to vehicles at a roundabout (it’s counter-clockwise here!)

Mandatory Checklist For Your Vehicle

  • Verify that you are legally permitted to drive in the UAE, depending on where you first passed your driving test, you may have to take some lessons before being permitted to drive here.
  • Make sure you have a GPS map to guide you at all times.
  • Keep a reminder note at the forefront to ‘drive on the right’ to keep you alert at all times.
  • Purchase the correct car insurance.


Lane Positioning

Once behind the wheel, keep in sync with the flow of traffic and try not to drift into other lanes. Your judgement of lane position can be affected by your new position in the car, the driver now sits in the right-hand side of the car.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles on highways, and remember, the inside lane is the far-right lane!

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