Home Insurance: Adding an Assurance with Insurance

14 November 2017 0 Comments

 When you sign a rental contract or purchase your own home, there are lots of things to think about, and home insurance isn't always top of the to-do list.

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It seems that it's only when an unexpected calamity is experienced,  that home insurance comes to mind. We already know it's wise to invest in a solid home insurance plan. But lack of time and understanding or fear of the expense often pushes home insurance even further down the list. 

Home insurance is the one shield that safeguards your home from unwanted events. Damage can occur because of fire, wind, hail or lightning at any time of the year. Taking out an annual home insurance policy can greatly minimise your cost of renovation or repair in case of a claim. Did you know that home insurance is not just for home owners? With RSA, whether you're a tenant or a landlord, build your own policy by selecting the covers which are relevant to you from just 21 AED per month. 

Contents Insurance
The most important benefit from a Home Contents policy from RSA  is that it provides financial protection for the things inside your villa, apartment or room. In case of damages or possessions being stolen, RSA will help organise the repair or replacement of the things owned by you or any other family member living in your home in the UAE. 

Buildings Insurance
40% of all home fires start in the kitchen and if you're not covered, you'll have to foot the bill for damages. With differing home insurance packages, during a claim you could bear either only the excess or a percentage of the loss. Insurance for landlords is a necessity for any kind of property. Property insurance is a cover that will protect the building against any unforeseen damage through different faults. 


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