The Home Decoration Trends of Summer 2017

20 August 2017 0 Comments

Summer is here, and it’s much too hot to go outside, so it’s the perfect time for renovation. Even a small change can create a more positive atmosphere to your home.

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So if you’re stuck for ideas of what’s in this season, we’ve got your back. Here’s the most popular interior decoration trends of 2017 for you to take inspiration from.

Go green

Green is the colour of the year in 2017, living in the desert there’s a certain lack of the natural greenery we see back in our home country. Green evokes freshness and renewal, and can make your home feel brand new. So add green wherever you can, whether it’s a new paint for your walls or some new cushions or furniture. What better way to add some green into your home than some indoor leafy plants!


Minimalist reduces clutter and keeps surfaces clear. Don’t add any items which are not absolutely necessary for your interiors. No matter how much you decorate if there are too many elements, it will overcrowd your room. A clutter-free space helps achieve a more spacious and vibrant look to your home.

Wall décor

This summer is the perfect time to revamp your walls. Vinyl stickers are a great, low maintenance way to jazz up your walls. They are easier to install and remove than wall paintings. They are inexpensive and completely customisable for changing trends. Beat the heat with your purchase of RSA Home Insurance this August and get the chance to win a bespoke design from e-Walls interior design specialists

Go floral

Summer is the perfect time to feel close to nature. Floral patterns and designs are an easy and efficient way to add an essence of nature to your interiors. From wallpaper to shower curtains, add floral prints and patterns to any room in your house.

These are some of the trending summer decor ideas to rejuvenate your rooms. Also, this summer make sure to give the same importance of decoration to protecting of your home as well. Purchase home insurance for your home to safeguard it from any unforeseen incidents.

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