Give Your Home a Fresh Makeover With These Indoor Plants

16 April 2018 0 Comments

 Planning to add some life to your interiors? Well, look no further than house plants. They can add freshness, colour and the right amount of character to your space.

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Besides, plants are easy to maintain and some of them help to purify the air. Let’s take a look at the most popular and easy to maintain house plants to help you create a healthy atmosphere inside your home.

English Ivy

According to scientists, English Ivy is the best air-purifying house plant. It is extremely efficient in absorbing toxins and is very easy to grow and maintain. The plant is also very adaptable to different conditions. It can be grown inside the home as both as hanging plant or floor plant. It flourishes very easily in conditions with moderate temperature and medium sunlight.

Aloe plant

Aloe plant is one of the most popular house plants, for all the right reasons. It’s medical and healing properties are renowned, making it an ingredient in many medicines and beauty products. The gel of the plant helps in soothing skin burns and cuts. The plant also helps in monitoring the air quality, aloe plant grows well with good exposure to sunlight.

Snake plant

Snake plant is one of the easiest house plants to grow. It doesn’t need much light or water, making it the ideal house plant for any conditions. While most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, the snake plant performs this during the night. So, adding a snake plant to your bedroom can ensure good levels of oxygen, thereby providing you better sleep.


Philodendron is a widely popular choice for a house plant. The heart shaped leaves of the plant can form decorative vines and can add elegance to any interior. It is very easy to grow and maintain. Just like English Ivy, they help in purifying air. They require only moderate amount of water and sunlight. Also, the plant can grow and flourish for many years.


Although they’re tough and sharp on the outside, these plants give your home character. They’re one of the lowest maintenance house plants you can find as they can live up to a month without water. There are many different varieties of cactus plants and they’re readily available in most gardening stores.

Apart from improving your home, these house plants can help protect your home from toxins in the air. Another important form of protection inside your hoome is home insurance, safeguard your belongings from any unforeseen incidents with RSA. 


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