Fun Activities to Engage Your Kids at Home This Spring

10 April 2017 0 Comments

We’ve come up with some home activities that your kids will really love during this wonderful spring season!

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Spring break has already arrived and although the kids are enjoying their well deserved break, it can become hard to find ways to keep them occupied. So, to help you out, here are some ideas for a memorable spring with your kids at home.

Start gardening

Spring break is a great time to get in the garden. Despite the climate the UAE is a great place to grow fruits, veg and herbs! Get the kids planting seeds, grow flowers and plants and watch them grow for years to come.

Get in the kitchen

Older children love to get in the kitchen and help cook, so let them! Not only will they be willing to bake treats they may also want and meals, they also can learn valuable foundations of cooking skills.

Arts and crafts

If your young ones love to draw, paint and create, plan a crafts day. Art can be messy so get outside with your supplies they need to make collages, paintings or sculptures and set them to work.

Let the games begin

Board games are perfect way for family bonding and fun. Break out the Scrabble board, Monopoly or card games. If you want to make it a long lasting activity, plan a tournament among your family members and play games each day until there is one final winner.

Do some spring cleaning

As the spring sunshine brightens up our homes, spring cleaning fever takes over. Cleaning can be made into a fun activity. Playing music is a surefire way to make the time fly. Also, use the time to redecorate and encourage their ideas in interior design.  

Story time

Reading is very important for kids and spring time is the best time to cultivate the habit. All year long, kids have to read school-assigned books. Over spring break, let them read whatever they want. Take them to the library and let them choose a book or books to entertain them while they are off from school.

Spring is the perfect time to have family fun and bonding. In fact it is the time of the year when your home truly comes alive, so make the most out of it. Also, make sure that you have a home insurance cover for your home.  

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