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Cricket World Cup 2019: Watch in Style from the Comfort of Your Home

The biggest sporting season is back! If you are not at the Lords this 14th of July, experience the thrill from the comfort of your home while making it as entertaining as possible.

The spirit of Cricket is soaring high as the days are numbered for the highly anticipated 2019 ICC World Cup finals. The sport is more of an emotion for over 2.5 billion cricket fans that the online media is bustling with innovative trends to keep their cricket craze alive. England, after 20 years, has brought back the cricket extravaganza to their soil and guess what, the official fan’s scorecard that is considered to be a souvenir for the fans, is being redesigned for the finals with a score up to 500. It is one of the old charms on all English grounds. This new addition with all other excitements on the ground like posting live pictures, hashtags and colorful rewards have hovered the excitement of the fans.

Delights for the home Screen Viewer

While everyone can’t trek to Lords Cricket Stadium, viewers from around the world are never going to miss out the fun either. With live telecast, immersive social engagements, 360o replays, roving buggy cams and a plethora of other technological evolutions, fans are only going to be left entertained. Enjoy your watching experience by setting up your TV channel to HD and calibrating the volume levels. That may grant you the real feel of the green grass and the perfect volume to the crowd’s cheer.

Creating the atmosphere

To add more thrill, you can invite your friends over to your home and cheer for your favorite team over cups of favorite drinks and sumptuous food. Never forget to redecorate your living room to a suitable theme to match the prime match-time feel. What more can enthrall your cricket loving friends than a beautiful cozy living room decorated to the theme to scream their hearts out for sixes & fours? A perfect setup to cheer for your favorite team!

You wouldn’t have to worry of equipment damages amidst your celebrations and excitements. If your contents are insured, accidental damages to walls and other equipment are often covered under standard home insurance policy. And the great news is, you can always redecorate your walls later for free! RSA’s latest giveaway will get you a chance to win a free wall designed by “ewalls”.

Final Flings

Funs and frustrations are normal to be expressed when matches turn out to be unpredictable. Surprises are forever around the corner.  When excitements & disappointments mounts accidental damages can happen! But if your TV’s, home computers or other entertainment devices get smashed accidentally by a non-deliberate external action, it can be covered under accidental damage on your home insurance.

Why to miss out all fun when you can revive your entertainment. Cheer up! The world cup is almost upon us!


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