Common Decor Styles That You Should Know About

11 March 2018 0 Comments

 Home is where the heart is, and our homes are also a reflection of our personality.

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If your home décor doesn't match your personality you could sometimes feel out of place inside your home. But, many of us don't have the knowledge about the different interior decors we might like. Let’s take a look at the trending home styles of 2018.


Traditional décor emphasises the classic details. It’s about balance and symmetry through colours, furniture designs and placements. Traditional decor provides a feeling of warmth and comfort. A sense of order is particularly reflected whilst furniture and comfort play the focal point. Another feature of Traditional decor is the extended use of fabrics, right from the dark window treatments to upholstered furniture.


Modern décor is the opposite of the traditional decor. Asymmetry is celebrated, and priority is given to open floor plans and clutter-free space. Accessories in modern style homes are generally made from chrome, glass and concrete. IKEA style designs are ideal for apartments as it helps make the space appear bigger.


In contemporary decor, major focus is given to of lines, shapes and forms. Emphasis is given to open spaces and natural light and visual interest is generated through materials rather than colours.


Minimalism means less is more. Minimalist design features fewer design elements, especially the furniture. Not only is the number of furniture less, the furniture itself is never flamboyant. Minimalist decor provides a sense of functionality and ultra-cleanliness.


Bohemian interior is for artists at heart, it celebrates the beauty of artistic chaos. This style uses unconventional colour combinations and accessories. You’ll notice ethnic patterns and brighter colours.


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