Checklists For A Flight Journey

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  Preparing for a flight journey can sometimes be a stressful affair.

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Most of us wonder whether we have packed all the necessary items or made all the necessary arrangements at home for your absence. So, to relieve your stress before a flight journey, here are some tips.

Secure your home and pets

Before you set out for the journey, ensure that all necessary arrangements are made at home. Ensure that all the doors and windows are locked properly. Park your car inside your garage and ensure its security. If you have pets, leave them with a trusted friend or family member.

Notify your bank

Notify your bank that you are travelling. Today, banks are extremely careful against frauds on their customers. So, if they detect that your ATM card is being used in another country, they may flag it as suspicious and may even block your card. So, to avoid such an issue, it is advisable to inform them in advance about your trip.

Make necessary reservations

Make all the necessary reservations at the destination, way before you journey. If you are travelling to a popular destination during the tourist season, you may face difficulty in finding hotels. So, make your reservations and plan visas way in advance. This includes the pick-up from the airport, hotel rooms and tourist guide, if necessary.

Pack early

Many of us have the habit of packing our luggage hastily at the last moment. This may result is leaving behind necessary items. Make a list of all the items that you need to carry and ensue that they are packed inside your luggage.

Start early

For international flights, passengers need to report to the airport at least an hour before the flight. Ensure that you leave your home early. An unforeseen traffic block can delay your journey and may cause you to miss the flight.

Ensure your peace of mind

During a journey, a lot can potentially go wrong. You flights may get cancelled, luggage can be lost, or you may even face some health issues while on the trip. So, it is imperative that you have a travel insurance cover while you are on a trip. Travel Insurance can act as your safety net during any unforeseen incidents. If you are buying a RSA Travel Insurance policy during Ramadan, you could stand a chance to win your airfare back.


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