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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

The importance of providing excellent customer service


Not everyone who is delighted with our service is an RSA customer; this third-party claims customer says his experience with RSA has changed his view of insurance companies forever.

Mr. Amer admits that he used to have a fairly dim view of insurance companies before he experienced RSA’s customer service for himself – and he isn’t even our customer (yet!)

“I was stopped at a red traffic light in Hessa Street in July 2020, when a car came speeding into the back of my Mitsubishi Mirage at a very high speed. The other driver didn’t even slam on the breaks, and the impact crumpled the rear of my small car,” recalls Mr. Amer. “My wife was in the car with me and although nobody was seriously injured, it was understandably a very traumatic experience.”

The other driver was insured by RSA and was correctly deemed to be at fault, and with Mr. Amer’s car seriously damaged, he needed to deal not just with his own insurance, but with RSA as our claims handlers surveyed the vehicle in order to process the claim.

“I was really worried about the accident because I need the car for work and I just assumed the procedure would be drawn out, long, complicated and painful,” he notes with a smile.

However, Mr. Amer was very pleasantly surprised to discover that was not the case at all. “Even though everyone was working from home, RSA were swift to respond to calls. Their claims handler Mr. Ahmed was easy to reach and he even sent me a systematic step-by-step guide to the reimbursement process.”

Mr. Amer says his previous experiences with insurance companies had been less than impressive, and their lacklustre customer service, a heels-dragging approach and a seeming willingness only to delay or avoid paying out had left him dreading the claims process after his car was hit.

“I felt upset at the thought of having to endure the claims process, but RSA made it swift and painless. I had no hassle or delays at all, and in fact I received my payout just ten days after the accident. I used to think insurance companies were all the same, but that was until I dealt with RSA. An insurance company should be chosen not just by virtue of the price of insurance, but their quality of service too. I wasn’t an RSA customer, but now that I am looking around for my replacement vehicle, I will definitely consider them!”

If you’re interested in joining RSA, you can speak with a customer care agent on 800 772 or visit our car insurance page to get a quote online in less than 60 seconds.

If you are an existing customer and you would like to submit a claim, you can do so by visiting our claims page.

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