Beat The Heat Driving in the Middle East This Summer

6 August 2017 0 Comments

Living in Dubai, you are never short of entertainment options during your holidays. But in order to rejuvenate, we still urge to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Embracing the long open roads is an ideal way to enjoy the hot summer. Take a look at the best road trips in the UAE and Oman.  

Jebel Hafeet

This thrilling mountainous trip is considered to be one of the best routes in the UAE for a road trip.  The wavy roads are exciting and once you reach up Al Ain’s Jebel Hafeet mountain, at 1,240 meters, you will be rewarded with a sweeping panoramic view of both Oman and UAE and cooler temperatures. En route, you can also enjoy the greenery and mineral hot natural springs of Mubazarrah.


Hatta is situated just 150 kilometers away from Dubai, yet the surroundings seem so far away from Dubai’s appearance. The Hatta Mountain Safari is a must, the landscape artistically changes from plain terrain to magnificent dunes and rocky mountain slopes. You’ll find a heritage village dotted with small Bedouin houses, besides a 16th century fort and several beautiful pools.


Musandam is another beautiful destination you can enjoy by road. Aptly nicknamed “The Norway of Arabia”, Musandam is a stunning enclave dotted with charming turquoise waters and rocky fjords. The entire drive from Dubai takes around 3 hours including border control and the coastal drive is magnificent.


Fujairah is the number one scuba-diving destination in the UAE and one of the major emirates of the UAE. Experience a drive through mountains passing by gorgeous quaint towns that are surrounded by mountain ranges, which makes a pleasant change to the busy commute in city.

These are some of the best road trips that you can embark during this summer. However, before setting out for the trip, ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition for the trip. Do ensure you have adequate auto insurance for your vehicle, and you have adequate cover such as GCC cover to avoid any mishaps at the border.  

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