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Back To School Tips and Tricks

The summer holidays are almost over and the school days are just around the corner.

It’s the last week of the holidays, and almost every parent’s mind is occupied with “back to school”. The disciplined routine for school has been broken by the vacation and it needs be restored before the first day back! So here are some tips to make this school year more productive.

Re-set sleeping patterns

Sleeping patterns are certainly likely to be disrupted during the vacations. Your kids might have been sleeping late to watch TV or for playing games during the holidays. It takes at least one week to reset the sleeping pattern to normal. Start them sleeping and waking up on time at least week before the first day of school.

Re-set eating patterns

Unfortunately, just like sleeping, eating patterns are also affected during the holidays. You should ensure that they follow a diet which can provide them a high level of energy throughout the day. The routines of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and after-school snack prior to homework need to be implemented.


Most kids would have completely neglected their studies during the vacations. This will make them forget whatever that they have learned so far. Hence, it might be difficult for them to pick up the studies from where they have left. Encourage your kids to read and write, at least 7-10 days prior to the first day of school. Go through the first chapters of the textbooks of the upcoming year.

These are some tips to make you ready for the school days. Also ensure the safety and well being of your family and make sure that you have home insurance that can safeguard your home and family against any unforeseen incidents.

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