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All You Need to Know about Abu Dhabi’s Toll System

AuthorCormac Moylan

Residents of UAE should now be familiar with the Salik toll system of Dubai that charges drivers whenever they go past certain highways. Soon the UAE private vehicle drivers will have to pay to yet another road toll system launching in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi this October. This article details Abu Dhabi’s cashless toll gate system and how vehicle owners can register, pay and make their way through the toll roads of Abu Dhabi.   

When is the Launch?

According to Abu Dhabi's Department of Transport (DoT) on July 25, 2019, the toll gates in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi will be launched on 15th October, 2019.

What is Abu Dhabi toll gate system and how does it work?

Abu Dhabi’s toll gate system is an electronic toll system that reads the plate number as the vehicle passes the toll gate and automatically deducts money from the prepaid toll account called the Integrated Electronic Payment wallet. Unlike the Salik system in Dubai, tags are not required to be pasted on the vehicle’s windshield.  today.

What is the reason behind the toll-system’s launch?

The authorities are positive that the introduction of the cashless toll gate system will help to achieve free flow of traffic and improve motorists’ safety. It is also their aim to preserve the environment by encouraging people to use public transport which is exempt from toll fees. Additionally, electric vehicles are also exempted over a period of two years from the launch of the toll gate system to inspire sustainable living.

How much is the toll charge?

Every pass during peak hours cost a vehicle Dh4 on all working days from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, public holidays and off-peak hours the fee will be Dh2 per pass.

Is there a daily maximum fee limit?

Yes. The maximum fee limit per day for a passing vehicle is capped at Dh16.

How many Toll-Gates are installed?

There will be four tolling gates installed, one on each major bridge that connects Abu Dhabi to the mainland: • Al Maqta Bridge – links Abu Dhabi city to Al Maqta, Al Ain and the Airport • Mussafah Bridge – links Abu Dhabi city to Mussafah, Mohamed bin Zayad City and the Airport • Sheikh Zayed Bridge – links Abu Dhabi city to Khalifa, Masdar, Airport and Shahama & Samha towards Dubai • Sheikh Khalifa Bridge – links Abu Dhabi city to Saadiyat Islands, Yas Islands and Shahama to Dubai.

What is the mode of registration?

DoT automatically creates accounts at no charge for all Abu Dhabi registered vehicles on August 30, 2019. The drivers will receive an SMS, post registration, stating their username and password for accessing their online account. Users can register any additional vehicles using their online account.

What is the procedure for vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi?

Those owners who have not registered their vehicles with Abu Dhabi, must register to the new system through the Department of Transport’s website before crossing the toll gates.

What if a non-registered vehicle crosses the toll gate?

They will be given a grace period of 10 business days from the day of crossing to do the registration. Failing which they will be fined Dh100 for the first day, Dh200 for the second, Dh400 for the third and shall raise up to a maximum of Dh10,000. In case of insufficient balance, a five day grace is offered to do the top up. After deadline a fine of Dh50 will be incurred each day.

What is the mode of payment?

Payments can be done online through a simple, user-friendly online system. If the balance is insufficient for a vehicle registered in Abu Dhabi, payment can be done through a post-payment system during any vehicle licensing procedure.

Are there fines for illegal activities?

Yes. Vehicles passing the toll gate with tampered license plates, in an effort to avoid the tolls, are fined Dh10,000. Those who damage the e-payment machine or toll gates will also be fined Dh10,000.

That’s the whole thing a driver needs to know about Abu Dhabi’s toll gate system. While knowing and preparing for the forthcoming toll system launch, can help you save time and money, having travel insurance can save you from wiping out your bank account. You would much rather spend a few hundred Dirhams on travel insurance and have a no-barrier ride, than to lose several hundred thousands when something unexpected happens.

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