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Travel Insurance

2018's Essential Travel Apps For Frequent Travellers

It’s 2018, we have the privilege of countless advancements in technology that are designed to make life easier, faster and more convenient.

Smartphones give us access to apps providing a service to our life. Indulging in a few travel apps will make your trip self-dependent with all the details in the palm of your hand. Accessibility to such information will help you make more time to enjoy the things you love. We use our phones daily; whether it’s for communication, to wake us up with an alarm, to track our health or listen to music. We consider our smartphones as an essential travel companion, so RSA’s favourite travel apps will allow your phone to take up the role as 24/7 travel guide. Take a look here:

One of the most popular apps to book accommodation is This platform allows you to secure rooms without having to pay in advance and in many cases, offers free cancellation. The app contains hostels, holiday homes, quaint independent B&B’s as well as limitless hotels so you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter your budget.

City Mapper  

Many times, you travel to destinations as an adventurous tourist by walking around to explore the city without any planning. This app displays the surrounding area, and points out the direction for the right route. To help you get there, City Mapper provides a list of public transports, mentioning the details about stops and drop offs with an approximate costing.


Before booking flights for your preferred destination, keep a tab on the weather and depending on the forecast, pack appropriately. The UVLens app recommends the best times to avoid the sun, and also personalises skin type assessment to find out how long you might be able to spend in the sun before you reach the UV danger zone.

Google Translate

This handy app allows you to save words in foreign languages to help jog your memory and allows you to create your own personal dictionary so you’ll be able to save all your necessary phrases. It enables you to break through language barriers. When chatting with a local, the text translate option will make things easier to communicate.


Beyond the functional apps, travelling with social media makes trips fun and interactive. The Skrite app has made augmented reality accessible to everyone. Augmented reality combines real images with virtual images. Whether you are sightseeing, backpacking, trekking, exploring the streets of a city, leave behind your mark of achievement, virtual messages, pictures and selfies in the sky at that very spot forever. 

Xe Currency

A constant update of live currency exchange rates helps you keep noted on how much you’re spending relative to the currency you’re most familiar with. This handy app is a great too for currency conversion whislt abroad.  

With these apps, you can expect a perfectly planned trip with plenty of information at your fingertips. Asside from these, the most essential travel companion is adequate Travel Insurance cover from RSA Insurance, equipped with this you can assure yourself a ticket to worry-free travel. 

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